Guide, ACTIVATOR, Podcast Host


I am on a mission to increase awareness.

I carry my mission through in-person retreats, solo and group sessions, podcasts, written materials, and online courses.

I guide and support individuals on their journeys to heal, grow, and evolve.

I help people discover their purpose, accomplish their missions, uncover stress factors, heal from dis-ease, optimize their mind and body, and connect with their spirit.

My work explores the depths of consciousness, synthesizes complex information, and communicates digestible and relevant knowledge.

My holistic approach combines ancient wisdom, modern technologies, and intuitive understanding that can be useful for others to heal, grow and evolve. My philosophies and practices consider the nature of the physical body, mind, emotions, relationships, spirituality, energetics, and consciousness.

My services cover holistic living, mindset training, and consciousness decoding.

For over a decade, I have studied, synthesized, and experimented with knowledge and practices from a variety of renowned doctors, practitioners, philosophers, athletes, biohackers, specialists, and shamans. I’ve spent countless hours learning from world-class teachers, both in-person and on my own, including Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr David Hawkins, Sadhguru, Sam Harris, Paul Chek, Wim Hof, Dr Kelly Starrett, Johnny Sapinoso…. And many more!

Cold adaptation in Wisconsin

Autonomic nervous system working with Wim Hof

Ancient medicine in Peru

Interviewing PrimalHacker with Matt Caresco at PaleoFX

Together, we can increase awareness.

My approach is best suited for mission oriented individuals who resonate on higher frequencies, thrive on meaningful connections, and want to live their most fulfilling lives. Whether you are looking for guidance, support, or ways to collaborate, I would love to connect with you.

Connect with me.

Ready to increase your awareness? Send me a message. I’d love to connect with you!

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