My work focuses on guiding and supporting individuals on their journeys to heal, grow, and evolve. Across society, it has been proven that the majority of illnesses are the result of lifestyle-induced stress. My holistic approach helps people assess and resolve their current stressful situation, allowing them to grow and evolve towards their most fulfilled version of themselves. Here is my four step approach:

1. Assess

For each new client, I conduct a comprehensive health assessment using written questionnaires, body language, verbal language, and high-end modern technologies. These technologies may include Oligoscan for minerals, toxic metals, and oxidative stress, and Bio-Well for energetic state and stress level of the body, including chakras and organ function.
Depending on results, we’ll continue to either step 2, 3, or 4.

2. Resolve

A thorough understanding of your goals and challenges will allow us to co-create a custom plan to support the next step of your journey. We’ll focus on resolving your current sources of suffering and removing blocks so you can achieve higher levels of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

3. Grow

When you feel well balanced and ready to grow, we will co-create a revised plan with practices and protocols to enhance your life. You will grow your alignment with your core self, which will bring you more joy, meaning and satisfaction.

4. Evolve

When you are growing on your own, you will have the energy, direction, and motivation to evolve into your next evolution, and the next, and so forth. You might find my podcasts, courses, and webinars as useful resources for your evolution. At this stage, you’ll be growing and evolving on your own, with the support of other people who you meet along your journey.


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