Remote Guidance

If travel to the Greater Atlanta Area is not feasible, I offer remote guidance to both individuals and groups. I offer holistic lifestyle practices, mindset coaching, and wellness technologies to help restore vitality, enhance mood, and increase love for life.


This offering is designed for anyone looking for an intense learning and experiential experience. My remote executive guidance is a service where I travel to work with 1-2 individuals in their natural environment to observe, educate, and recommend enhancements to their lifestyle. This intense experience allows me to deeply assess body language, verbal language, movement patterns, breathing patterns, relationships to self and close ones, hydration, nutrition, sleep, and more.


Remote guidance sessions are ideal for groups between 2-20 people, and are conducted online or in-person outside the Greater Atlanta Area. Most of us are dealing with very similar, if not the same, conditions and hardships, and these sessions address the common denominators when it comes to the causes of sufferings and the solutions to overcome them.


The healing process depends on the motivation and courage of that individual.  1-on-1 sessions are best suited for anyone who needs a strong boost to kick off their healing journey. I usually work with individuals for 3-6 months to get them to a certain baseline, from which point they can heal and grow with groups and on their own.


Ready to heal and grow? Send me a message. I’d love to connect with you!

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