“Yoni came into my life through divine timing, and a lot of our work together has been about helping me learn to trust in that same timing in other areas of my life. He is deeply insightful; generous with his energy, time, and expertise; open and vulnerable in sharing his own experience and wisdom; and deeply invested in every area of the journey. He has an uncanny gift for not only listening, but for recalling essential memories, discoveries, and revelations – and then connecting them to current challenges and questions. He’s brilliant at bringing context to things we might otherwise overlook – which powerfully deepens the integration aspect of our collaboration. Working with him, I feel truly accompanied and supported. This work can be challenging, and it makes a difference to know I’m – we’re – not in it alone. I can’t recommend working with him highly enough. I’m so grateful our paths have come together.”
— Woman in her 50’s
“Yoni has been a mentor and guide in my life for the past 5 years. He is truly an activator across all aspects of life, helping me to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. With his guidance and support, I have found clarity in my purpose, developed lifestyle routines to support my health, and have learned to show up as a true version of myself each day. Yoni’s wisdom, knowledge, and awareness are at a level far beyond his years.”
— Man in his 30’s
“I have been working with Yoni for several months now and he continues to impress me with the depth and breadth of his knowledge. I have learned effective routines for physical and meditative practice that have enriched my life and strengthened my ability to manage stress. His advise around nutrition and hydration have proven effective and improved my overall health. He also knows how to apply the right level of accountability in an encouraging way that helps you to stay on track to your goals. I’ve always been impressed with his high level of integrity and commitment to get you exactly where you want to be. But it’s the spiritual work I’ve done with Yoni that stands out the most. He has been a catalyst to my spiritual development and will continue to play a significant role as I continue my journey down this path. It’s difficult to apply words to the impact Yoni has had on my life and I am eternally grateful to be doing this work with him. It’s clear to me that he has a gift for healing and has found his calling. If you are looking to make improvements in your life around mind, body and spirit, look no further and trust that you are in good hands!”
— Man in his 50’s
“Yoni has a beautiful intention of holding space with you for your journey within. He is actually meticulous in his skills of being a good listener and guide. His presence and compassion shine through, making him exceptionally suited for this role. I felt profoundly safe in his care, a rare feeling that speaks to his genuine attention and nurturing energy. Everything about the experience was perfect, earning a solid 10 out of 10 rating. I highly recommend the opportunity to be in Yoni’s energy and care :)”
— Woman in her 60’s
“I have really enjoyed working with Yoni and I have learned things that have improved my life. I have been searching for the path to better health and happiness for several years. Yoni has helped me by sharing information about his own quest for good health and a happy life. Yoni speaks with conviction and from his heart. When he talks about something you know that he is speaking from his own experience. He does it before he talks about it. I have learned that it is important to consider how my ancestors lived for centuries and the connection to my health and wellbeing today. This has raised my consciousness about the things that I put on, in, and around my body. Yoni helped me to develop a daily routine and a meditation practice that improves my life every time that I do it. I feel like you meet people along the path of life that help you and encourage you to be the best that you can be and Yoni is one of those people.”
— Man in his 50’s
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