Everything KAMBO, and Prioritizing a CONSCIOUS MARRIAGE Above All | EP 5

Matt Coffman

In this episode of Yoni Havana Podcast...

Integrative Health Coach, Advanced Kambo Practitioner, and Host of the Integrative Thoughts Podcast, Matt Coffman, goes deep on everything Kambo – from basics, to the nitty gritty, why serious, sacred relationships are harder than ceremonies, why we need to shift the narrative on how men view growth and personal development, and much more.

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Guest info

Matt Coffman is an Integrative Health Coach, Advanced Kambo Practitioner, and Host of the Integrative Thoughts Podcast. In 2021, he was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease. After less than two years of protocols, research, and experimentation, he has come full circle in his understanding of health and relationships. He’s honored to provide the world with all of the knowledge he has accumulated through his challenges.

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