Happy Drum

Musical Hand Pan Steel Drum



Happy Drum, a.k.a. Tongue Drum, is a Musical Hand Pan Steel Drum used in Meditation, Yoga, and Mindfulness sessions, and more. These drums are very useful in calming your storms and help with anxiety and stress.

Artistically handcrafted Tongue Drum produces clear tunes used musical sessions. The drum is easy to play and produces soothing music that helps in relaxation.

The drum has a smooth texture for durability. The Kit includes the steel drum, a carry on bag, and drumsticks.

These are 8 note tuned drums.

The Tank drum is approximately 6 inches in diameter.

Comes with a carry on bag for easy storage and portability.


** This product is available for local pickup only in Woodstock, GA. **

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Blue, Pattern, Silver

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