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Lepidolite crystals are tuned to the original life-building frequencies of the Earth. I have learned about these crystals from Dancing with Water, as they recommend them for structuring water. Their energetic “field” is so strong that the water is capable of retaining these patterns for a long time.


Lepidolite is a lithium-aluminium potassium mineral that belongs to the Mica group. It is found in an array of forms that range from masses and plates to stacked sheets and tabular or prismatic crystals.

Lithium is well-known as a mood stabilizer. As an essential trace mineral, it is recognized for its usefulness in balancing emotions and calming the mind. Perhaps this is one reason lepidolite has been used for centuries by many cultures to relax the mind and body—to bring serenity and emotional/spiritual healing. Lepidolite also resonates with the energy of the heart, dissolving anxiety and unrest while supporting the emergence of love.


Place one or more Lepidolite crystals next to your container of water. Within several minutes, the structural and vibratory information will transfer to the water.


Depending on what sphere of your life you are intending to shift, there are a number of ways in which you can employ the powerful healing properties of Lepidolite. One of the most effective manners of summoning the loving gentleness of this stone is to wear it in the form of a necklace or pendant. When it is able to exist in such close proximity to your skin and your higher chakras then its healing vibrations can sink softly into your soul and heart without any effort or obstruction.

You may also choose to incorporate a Lepidolite crystal into your meditation practice. Women experiencing the symptoms of PMS often meditate with a Lepidolite crystal to alleviate severe mood swings and irritability. Asking someone that you trust to place the stone over your heart, crown, and third eye chakras can also inspire deep shifts and heightened levels of consciousness.

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