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Expanded States Guide and Co-Founder of Men of Integrity, Michael Tierno, and I dive into what are the Men of Integrity Retreats and Community, who is it for, what can one expect from our retreats and community, how did we come up with it, and much more.

We also talk about the intentionality of transformational work, levels of consciousness, the four levels of responsibility, and how to take full responsibility for your life, which is a path to experience more peace and joy.

Links from the episode:
Men of Integrity Website
Heart Sanctuary Retreats
Book: Luminous: The Soul’s Journey to Enlightenment by Aubrey Degnan
Awakening from the Meaning Crisis by John Vervaeke
Waxela Sananda Website

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Michael Tierno started his journey into expanded states in 2016 after a transformative spiritual journey to Peru transformed his life. He moved away from disparate emotions such as fear, shame, and lack, and became aware that he had been overly judgmental and lacked gratitude and grace. He realized that life is not as complicated as he had once thought and that everything is truly as it should be. He also realized that he was, not separate, but an integral part of nature, and connected with the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine energies within himself. Tierno’s exploration of expanded and mystical states led him to recognize a passion for helping others using the tools that had significantly impacted his life. He realized that everyone possesses dormant wisdom, usually tucked away due to social conditioning, which can be brought into consciousness.

Currently, Tierno uses a variety of expanded states modalities in his work with clients, promoting healing and overall life improvement, supporting people to integrate knowledge gained from expanded states into their daily lives, and co-leads “Men of Integrity” retreats with Holistic Lifestyle and Awakening Guide, Yoni Havana. He is also co-founder of Heart Sanctuary, an ayahuasca retreat center in Peru’s Sacred Valley, along with Aleyda Cardenes and Gaia Selina. Their mission is to help others reconnect with their divinity using ancestral practices, fostering a new consciousness that supports Mother Earth, and encourages the spread of transcendent consciousness back to their home communities.

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Heart Sanctuary Retreats
Men of Integrity

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