How to ASCEND with The EARTH to 5D | EP 2

Waxela Sananda

In this episode of Yoni Havana Podcast...

Embodiment Coach, Galactic Shaman, and Spiritual Ascension Trainer, Waxela Sananda, explains what’s it’s essential to ascend with our bodies, what’s 5D and what does if feel like, what’s christ consciousness (hint: not about Jesus), what are twin flames and what’s twin flames ascension, and much more.

She also dives into the soul collective of Sananda – which is all about ascension, how she remembered many past life memories, and beyond remembering, becoming conscious and the consciousness of previous incarnations, and shares her *beyond* mind-blowing experiences with and without plant medicine.

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Guest info

Waxéla (wa-shay-la) Sananda is an Embodiment Coach, a Galactic Shaman, and a Spiritual Ascension Trainer. Waxéla guides her clients on a transformational journey of clearing limiting beliefs and transforming stagnant energy into dynamic, creative possibility. Combining her celestial starseed consciousness and shamanic training she offers guidance into personal embodiment of Divine Frequencies.

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