FAITHFUL Integration: MAKING LOVE, Business, and Family Thrive Together | EP 20

Jordan Bowditch

In this episode of Yoni Havana Podcast...

Men’s performance and relationship coach, (kinda) conscious comedian, and BROfessional edu-tainer, Jordan Bowditch, shares:
  • The juicy love story of how he met his wife, Alexa Bowditch (@thatsexchick)
  • His spiritual journey with Christianity and his own connection to God
  • The poignant experience of welcoming his son Gabriel, who was born with Down syndrome and passed away just an hour and a half after birth
  • The lowdown of his powerful ManMeet retreats
  • and much more…

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Guest info

Jordan Bowditch is a men’s performance and relationship coach, (kinda) conscious comedian, and BROfessional edu-tainer.

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