Full Spectrum Living Water – The Best Water on Earth

Full spectrum living water is a phrase coined by the authors of Dancing with Water, referring to living water that carries the full spectrum of life supporting frequencies. This type of water is in a liquid crystalline/structured state, and it is the most abundant type of water in a healthy human body. It’s responsible for keeping DNA healthy and stable, and for maintaining a strong electromagnetic field around it1.

Water was created to keep us “in tune”

Creation designed water to carry the vibrations of the Earth and the cosmos. Water’s job is to deliver healthful information, and create harmony and balance in all living creatures. The liquid crystalline organization of water in cells and tissues inside the human body creates a network that is responsible for sending instant signals and other biological information to keep us healthy.

Mother Earth has created full spectrum living water millions of years ago. It was designed by a perfect storm of nature, utilizing magnetic fields, turbulence, ionic minerals, stillness, and vibration – namely light frequencies, such as the sun, moon, and stars, and sound frequencies, such as crickets, birds, dolphins, whales, etc.

Our water has been abused, but it can be revived

Water was designed to support life on earth, but it has been mistreated for decades, or even centuries. Water can be vibrantly alive or barely alive, it has a life force, just like us humans. The good news is that even though the water on the planet today is mostly lacking in life force energy, applying a few simple processes can return water to its natural, lively state. Thanks to water experts and activists, you can Create Your Own Full Spectrum Living Water at Home.
1 Pangman, M. J., and Evans Melanie Martin. Dancing with Water: The New Science of Water: A Guide to Naturally Treating, Structuring, Enhancing, and Revitalizing Your Water. Uplifting Press, 2011.

Dancing with Water is the most comprehensive and in-depth resource for all things water I have seen so far. If you’re eager to learn about water and hydration, I highly recommend the book Dancing with Water, and Dancing with Water website. You can also find more resources on water, hydration, and many more topics in my book recommendations section.

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