How to Optimize Your Hydration

I love water and I love being well hydrated, it feels great and it has many health benefits. I study and prioritize hydration because our water sources have been abused, we’ve become more disconnected from our bodies and nature, and knowledge on how to be well hydrated is not easily available. You can read more on water in my article, Water is Life, But Unfortunately You Are Dehydrated.

My Favorite Hydration Practices

  1. “Eat your fluids” – Drink slowly and intentionally. Never in a rushed or stressed state.
  2. Swish fluids in your mouth before you gulp it down – I like to swish every sip I drink for at least 10 seconds, on average I swish for 20 seconds. Swishing fluids before gulping them down helps with absorption and digestion. Our gums absorb better than our stomachs, and our taste buds and saliva send signals to the body of what’s incoming, so it can best prepare to absorb and digest it. This is also a great habit to slow down how you drink, which helps alleviate unnecessary bloating.
  3. Drink room temperature water – Room temperature water absorbs best in the body, and is least taxing energetically. When you drink cold or hot drinks, your body needs to convert them into your body’s temperature, which is wasted energy. Of course, cold and hot drinks have their purpose and joy in life, but the next time you reach for a cold water, keep in mind it will sit in your stomach until it reaches body temperature.
  4. Drink structured water – structured water/liquid crystalline water/full spectrum living water is the most abundant type of water in a healthy human body. It’s responsible for keeping DNA healthy and stable, and for maintaining a strong electromagnetic field around it. Read more about this amazing type of water in my article, Full Spectrum Living Water – The Best Water on Earth.
  5. Separate drinking and eating – Drink 1-2 glasses of water 15-20 minutes prior to each meal, and resume drinking water after at least 15 minutes post meal. I personally recommend waiting 1-2 hours post mealtime once you get used to this habit.
  6. Hydrate with juicy foods – Food is mostly made of water, and the body retains more fluids when drinking is followed by eating plants, specifically leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables. Water in plants is already purified, alkaline, mineralized, full of nutrients, and structured. For example: You will become more hydrated by drinking one glass of water, followed by eating an apple or an orange or a salad, rather than drinking two glasses of water (or more).
  7. Clean your bathing water – When we shower, our skin absorbs large amounts of water. Hence, it’s wise to clean and structure bathing water to hydrate.
  8. Super hydrate and heal with Marine Plasma – Marine plasma helps rebalance and revitalize the body, stimulate the immune system, and promote detoxification. It is also ideal for fast-acting hydration and mineral replenishment. More on this below.
  9. Bless your water – Dr. Masuru Emoto, author of New York Times bestseller – The Hidden Messages in Water, has discovered that expressing gratitude to water transforms it to become more coherent, lively, and healthy. Your positive thoughts and emotions affect not only your life and other people’s, but also water. Blessing your water will increase its vibration, which will do the same to you when you drink it.

Quinton – Marine Plasma

In the last few years, I started most mornings drinking a vial (or sachet) of Quinton, which is 100% pure marine plasma (seawater) with up to 78 minerals & trace elements. Quinton was discovered and developed in 1897 by René Quinton, a renowned physiologist and biologist. 

Quinton is different from other mineral products, as it is made by a rigorous process of extraction and filtration of seawater that conserves essential minerals and electrolytes, which are great for cellular rebuilding and anabolic activities. Quinton is ideal for fast-acting mineral replenishment and an immediate revitalizing effect.

Quinton Hypertonic vs Quinton Isotonic

Quinton makes two types of products: Hypertonic (3.3) and Isotonic (0.9). Here’s how they differ:

Quinton Hypertonic/QuintEssential 3.3 – Pure extracted seawater that is most commonly used by healthy people who want to maintain a highly active lifestyle.

Quinton Isotonic/QuintEssential 0.9 – Diluted seawater that matches the concentration of your body’s blood plasma, which is most commonly used as medicine. Studies show it helps fight skin problems, such as eczema and psoriasis, infections like colds and sinusitis, temporary fatigue, and digestion problems1.

What’s QuintEssential?
QuintEssential is the same as Quinton, only it’s packaged in convenient-to-use, travel and activity friendly sachets.

How to get started with Quinton

If you are interested in Quinton, I suggest you start by listening to this podcast with Robert Slovak on The Life Stylist Podcast, and then follow this onboarding protocol (scroll down to “How to Take Quinton Plasma” section).

1 “Quinton Water Benefits – Hypertonic vs Isotonic – Marine Therapy.” Plasma Marin, 16 June 2021,
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