AquaTru Perfect Minerals

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AquaTru Perfect Minerals

  • NATURAL: All-natural, ionic, low-sodium, sea mineral formula from Utah’s Great Salt Lake made using solar concentration (natural processes). It is a Pure, All-Natural, Low Sodium Mineral Concentrate and contains the same basic mineral balance as sea water except that it has been concentrated to nearly 50 times through a natural solar evaporation process with nearly 99 percent of the sodium removed.
  • NUTRIENT-RICH: AquaTru Perfect Minerals creates alkaline water that is full of life-giving micro nutrients. Alkaline water is proven to be better for human consumption as the PH is higher
  • TESTED: Evaluated for safety, potency and purity by in-house and independent labs. Kosher and Halal certified.
  • RAISES PH TO ALKALINE: Helps prevent an “Acidic” environment a higher PH reduces the chances of dangerous cells being able to thrive in the human body.


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