Frank, Myrrh & Gold by Essential Oil Wizardry

Frank, Myrrh & Gold Tincture by Essential Oil Wizardry



Frank, Myrrh & Gold by Essential Oil Wizardry

Docta Nick’s Notes:

Three Sacred Treasures were given to Mother Mary by the Three Wise Men: Frankincense, Myrrh & Gold. Frank, Myrrh & Gold brings together an adornment of sacred resins & alchemical gold extracts ~ FMG has been consciously cultivated together to amplify intentions and the vibrations of each of the other extracts. Aromatically this blend is rich, powered by the amazing Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh Extracts!

Deep earthy tones uplifted by the lightness of frankincense with added smoky tones of oil of gold. Multi-dimensional in its aromatic hues, bright with depth and expression. The Oil of Gold is an alchemical product produced by Avery & the team at Kymia Arts, and the vibration of this extract must be experienced to be believed ~


Wildcrafted Frankincense Carteri, CO2 Extracted (Somalia)
Wildcrafted Frankincense Serrata, CO2 Extracted (India)
Wildcrafted Frankincense Sacra (Oman)
Organic Myrrh (Somalia)
Organic Myrrh, CO2 Extracted (Somalia)
Oil of Gold (Extracted by Kymia Arts)

infused into ORMUS Enhanced Fractionated Coconut Oil OR Organic Honey Spirits


Frank Myrrh & Gold is a divining agent used for sacred ceremony, meditation and for anointing rituals.

Essential Oil Blend – May apply the essential oil blend to the wrist points, to the third eye, over the throat and massaged into the bottom of the feet. Best used with intention. Allow the oil to penetrate onto the soles of feet for 5-15 minutes. Enjoy applying Frank, Myrrh & Gold around the auric field, directly onto the body and into the bottom of the feet.

Tincture – 1 drop is ample for usage, powerful for deepening meditation. Take a deep breath in, close the eyes and witness an elevated awareness come through you.

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1/2 oz (15 mL) Tincture


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