Ground Therapy Sleep Mat

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Ground Therapy Sleep Mat

The most important time to ground is when you sleep.

That’s why indoor grounded sleeping devices were either the only or the primary grounding devices used in almost all of the clinical research studies done on grounding the human body for health.

Designed and produced by Clint Ober, the Ground Therapy Sleep Mat provides…

  • 6-8 hours of uninterrupted grounding
    (more time = more beneficial electrons = more results)
  • Full-body grounding maximizes the electron transfer
    (more surface area contact = more beneficial electrons = more results)
  • Healing electrons at the time when your body does most of its healing & repair

Enjoy the seemingly miraculous benefits that nature provides when you use your Ground Therapy Sleep Mat to connect to the continual stream of beneficial electrons from the Earth’s surface.

Once inside your body, the stream of electrons work as anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, anti-aging antioxidants — squelching inflammation, all night long.

Feel your stress melt away as the healing electrons from your Ground Therapy Sleep Mat work to re-establish your body’s natural electrical stability and mitigate damage caused by harmful manmade EMFs.



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