Ground Therapy Universal Mat

Ground Therapy Universal Mat



Ground Therapy Universal Mat

The Ground Therapy Universal Mat is the perfect all-purpose mat. Place it under your desk; then connect by putting your bare feet on it. But don’t stop there; you can use this mat for ‘everything’!

Enjoy the flow of electrons by placing the Ground Therapy Universal Mat on the floor in front of your kitchen sink and stand barefooted on the mat while doing dishes or rinsing produce. Then, move it to the floor in front of your favorite chair to enjoy a health-giving barefoot connection while reading, watching TV, or simply relaxing. Made of 100% conductive carbon leatherette.

Universal Mat Kit includes: Ground Therapy Universal Mat, 15′ foot grounding cord, Safe T Cube, outlet checker, and 4 bonus gifts (see below)

Universal Mat 2-Pack Kit includes: 2 Ground Therapy Universal Mats, 2 15′ foot grounding cords, 2 Safe T Cubes, 1 outlet checker, and 4 bonus gifts (see below)

Plus… 4 BONUS GIFTS: Earthing* by Clint Ober (physical paperback book); instant (streamable & downloadable) online access to two documentary films, The Earthing Movie (1:16:01) and The Grounded (1:04:46), and the video Accelerated Recovery & Wound Healing in the Tour de France (2:48)

Dimensions: 12.5″ x 29″



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