Heart Harmony by Essential Oil Wizardry

Heart Harmony Essential Oil Blend by Essential Oil Wizardry



Heart Harmony by Essential Oil Wizardry

Heart Harmony is a lovely & potent therapeutic synergy of extracts which aims to provide comfort, release of negativity and to aid with calming the nervous system. A powerful blend of seven different extracts formulated with the intent to deliver a consistent, reliable and comforting vibe to CHEK clinics across the world.

Docta Nick’s Notes:

There is a brilliant balance of masculine & feminine energies that are emerged into a loving harmony with Heart Harmony. The overarching theme of this oil brings a base of Moroccan Cedar Atlas to aid with calming the nervous system, and powerful Vetiver roots to drop one into their body and relax more deeply. The remainder of the blend is an uplifting, cleansing & heart-expansion with the synergy ~ Frankincense Carterii provides a bright aromatic clarity that refreshes and amplifies while softening the floral notes. Cypress Leaf & Rhododendron work upon the energetic levels to clear stagnancy, stimulate energy and bring a newness into the moment ~ powerful for deep healing work. The synergy of Rose & Rose-Geranium work well together to aid with processing emotional trauma, bringing a level of loving connection and heart opening. The aroma is floral & bubbly rose with a deep rich earthy base and a crisp top note.

This blend was crafted in November 2019 as a gift to Paul Chek, the CHEK Institute & CHEK Practitioners, in service to clients around the world!


Organic Cedar Atlas (Morocco)
Organic Cypress Leaf (Morocco)
Frankincense Carterii, CO2 Extract (Somalia)
Organic Rose-Geranium (S. Africa | Egypt)
Wildcrafted Rhododendron (Nepal)
Rose Absolute (Buglaria)
Vetiver (Indonesia)

Pure OR infused in Fractionated Coconut Oil (Blend)


Violet Chill has been used for burns, bug bites, swelling & inflammation, as well as offering an increase in the recovery speed of wounds. Violet Chill may provide minute pain relief in minor injuries, reduce stress levels and is just a lovely violet cloud of chill for your nostrils! Great to add as a relaxing massage concentrate to your favorite carrier oil to share with friends, family and love ones.

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15 mL Anointing Blend


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