Photon Infrared Therapy Light by Sauna Space

Ultra-portable, ultra-versatile Photon Red Light Therapy



Photon Infrared Therapy Light by Sauna Space

The ultra-portable, ultra-versatile Photon is your tool for enjoying the benefits of infrared light when you can’t be in your sauna. Use it to mitigate technology fatigue at work, target problem areas, or feel your best while traveling.

  • No UV or blue light
  • Compact and portable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Minimalist design
  • Includes basswood base
  • Includes one ThermaLight® bulb
  • No EMFs

What’s Included

Photon Infrared Therapy Light

One 250 W full-spectrum infrared ThermaLight® on a solid American basswood mount with carrying handle. Stainless steel guards protect from heat and electromagnetic fields.

Outlet Tester

Test your outlet for correct grounding, key to maximizing your SaunaSpace® experience.


Natural. Hypoallergenic. Sustainable.

North American basswood

Sustainably harvested and crafted without chemicals or oils.

Stainless steel

Untreated, USA-manufactured guards free of powder coating.


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