Respire by Essential Oil Wizardry

Respire Essential Oil Blend by Essential Oil Wizardry



Respire by Essential Oil Wizardry

Respire is a potent respiratory blend with essences documented to have potent anti-viral properties. Designed to elegantly open the lungs, use Respire to act as an effective anti-microbial with a pleasant flavor profile. Respire is perfect used as a pure vapor oil or using the steam pot method.

Docta Nick’s Notes: Respire opens the bronchioles while containing effective anti-viral constituents (Ravensara, Eucalyptus, Thyme, Leleshwa). Designed to be infused onto the chest or throat at first sign of cold, flu or respiratory infection ~ balanced well as a medicinal respiratory formula. Respire may be inhaled undiluted as a vapor oil. Cooling menthol vapors w/ brisk citrus notes and a soft bite. Respire is deeply relaxing while increasing mental focus – Respire is as smooth as it is potent!


Organic Eucalyptus Polybractae (Australia)
Organic Frankincense Carteri, CO2 Extract (Somalia)
Wild Leleshwa [African Wild Sage] (Kenya)
Organic Niaouli (Madagascar)
Organic Peppermint (India)
Wild Ravensara (Madagascar)
Organic Black Spruce (France)
Organic Thyme linalool (France)

(PURE Essential Oil Blend) or Infused in Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol (Tincture)

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15 mL Essential Oil Blend


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