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Founder of PrimalHacker, and teacher of intention and freedom, Thaddeus Owen, shares his first experience of spontaneous healing, how speaking his truth cost him his business, how he was initiated and activated to teach neo shamanism, and much more.

He also explains the power of intention and how to use it to awaken people in the digital age, how to nourish our subtle energy bodies (etheric, emotional, and energetic) with regular food, and how he changed his reality with lucid dreaming as a young kid.

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Guest info

Thaddeus Owen is the founder of PrimalHacker, where he learns and educates others on sunlight and natural healing practices. Recently, he has been called to dive into practices to help embed intention, freedom, learning and healing into the digital world as a balance to the intentions of greed and control.

Connect with Thaddeus Owen:
PrimalHacker Website
Neo Shamanic Ascension Website

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