Cacao by Essential Oil Wizardry

Ultrasonic Cacao Tincture by Essential Oil Wizardry



Cacao by Essential Oil Wizardry

Ultrasonic Cacao Tincture marries Organic / Wildcrafted Heirloom Cacao Beans with Organic Craft Coconut Spirits in a delectable elixir. Cacao has been an emotional based stimulant and connector of tribes & people for millennia!

  • Delicious Elixir
  • Elevated Mood
  • Heart Opening
  • Increased Energy
  • Mild Euphoria

Docta Nick’s Notes:

Truly a labor of love, one of our most challenging (successful) tinctures produced to date ~ Our initial run we ground down Organic Cacao Beans and our filtration process took several days just for the filtration to be complete. After 1.5 weeks, we were fortunate enough to have a very small amount of Ultrasonic Cacao Extract, which we were able to produce approximately 50 bottles which we reserved for our Alchemy Tribe community!

We enjoyed the product so much, we chosen to continue producing our Ultrasonic Cacao Tincture using Cacao Powder from Criollo Cacao. Our Ultrasonic Cacao Tincture is a lovely elixir with very small amounts adding a potent flavor and therapeutic quality ~ a smooth alchemical blend of Organic Coconut Spirits with a decadent, Cacao Extract brings this product formulation to life! Definitely a powerful heart-opening tincture, AMAZING synergy with our Ultrasonic Damiana Tincture (especially joyous in lovemaking) and Ultrasonic Epimedium Tincture ~ This tincture deepens one’s capacity for emotional connection, delivers a mild state of euphoric high and tastes absolutely heavenly … Chocolate & Coconut!


Organic Cedar Atlas (Morocco)
Organic Cypress Leaf (Morocco)
Frankincense Carterii, CO2 Extract (Somalia)
Organic Rose-Geranium (S. Africa | Egypt)
Wildcrafted Rhododendron (Nepal)
Rose Absolute (Buglaria)
Vetiver (Indonesia)

Pure OR infused in Fractionated Coconut Oil (Blend)


Violet Chill has been used for burns, bug bites, swelling & inflammation, as well as offering an increase in the recovery speed of wounds. Violet Chill may provide minute pain relief in minor injuries, reduce stress levels and is just a lovely violet cloud of chill for your nostrils! Great to add as a relaxing massage concentrate to your favorite carrier oil to share with friends, family and love ones.

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1/2 oz (15 mL) Tincture


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