MycoBrew® Matcha by Host Defense

MycoBrew® Matcha by Host Defense


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MycoBrew® Matcha by Host Defense

An uplifting blend of organic Lion’s Mane and shade-grown, finely ground Japanese matcha. For a modern-day spin on an ancestral infusion, mix this smooth, vibrant tea blend with your favorite milk.

This is a box of 10 single-serve packets.

Ingredients: Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) mycelium†/fermented brown rice biomass†, Matcha Green Tea leaf†.

Certified Organic

1,500 milligrams Lion’s Mane per serving.

24 milligrams caffeine per serving from matcha.


Add one drink packet (or one level teaspoon) to 6oz of hot liquid—try water, milk, or milk substitute—and stir to blend.

For a refreshing alternative, dissolve in hot liquid, then stir, shake, or blend with ice!

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